Looking For The Next Best Career Opportunity That Starts And Ends At Home?

Becoming A Writer’s Coach Could Just Be That Opportunity!

Here’s Why!

24 Weeks

of Weekly Live Training

Sept 10th 2022

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To The Person Looking To Rise Above Their Own Self, Wanting To Impact Other’s Life, Wanting To Contribute, Wanting To Feel Fulfilled While Making A Solid 6 Figure Income From Home…


Have you been looking for an avenue to work from home but didn’t know where to begin?

Do you feel that you have a lot to give but don’t know where to channel that energy?

Is it normal for you to help people, coach people, motivate and inspire people but have no idea how to turn that skill into a business?

Do you love to read and write, have good communication skills but never figured out how to use that to make a 6 figure income?

Do you want to be part of something that is bigger than yourself, that makes you lose the concept of time and fills you up with tremendous gratification for being able to impact someone’s life?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you have it in you to become a writer’s coach, who guides, inspires, motivates, holds accountable, and helps an author to write and publish a bestselling book!

This Writer’s Coach Program has been designed for someone EXACTLY LIKE YOU who has a lot to give but doesn’t know where to begin.

Snehal’s Mentoring Hours:

2500 Hours.

Coaches Trained


Helped Author Their First Book


Authored Books


Here Is What The Program Will Cover:

The Writer’s Coach Program is divided in three phases.

Coaching, Publishing, and Business Strategy.


In the first phase of learning, you will be introduced to the fundamental principles of coaching, Core competencies as per the ICF, the importance of communication, being an expert, the role of beliefs in coaching success, the circle of excellence, and how to build a successful career in coaching.

Then in the second phase of learning, you will be introduced to the writing world, where you will learn everything about writing, publishing, and distributing a book.

In the last phase of learning, you will be introduced to the world of marketing yourself as a personal coach, which will include brand building, social media marketing, business planning, modifying your relationship with money to attract abundance, enrolment strategy, and building an automated system that runs your business and brings in sales even when you are asleep.

This three-phased in-depth training will prepare you to become an independent writer’s coach who will strive and thrive in every moment.

What Will The Training Cover?

24 live sessions covering 65+ hours of training.

3 one on one sessions

One Monthly Q&A Session

Open invitation to regularly refresher courses

Bonus Course of NLP for Business

This program is based and uniquely created with a perfect blend of Coaching Science, NLP Techniques and everything about the Writing, Publishing and Distribution World.

Why Become A Writer’s Coach?

It is no secret that coaching is an obvious next step of career progression for L&D leaders, HR managers, Professional Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Home makers, and Self-made people. It could be completely a new career path, or a new skill added to your resume. 


No prior coaching experience required.


Any educational background is ok. No certifications needed.

work experience?

No specific work experience required.

What is a must have quality?

A desire to help individuals find their stories and write great books.

what are the desired values a writer’s coach must have?

The love for writing and helping others write.

To Be A Writers Coach – One Must Be A Coach First!

The Writers Coach Certification Program is a twolevel program.

Coaching + Writing Specialty + The Art of Business Coaching is an obvious next step of career progression for L&D leaders, HR managers, Professional Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Homemakers, and selfmade people. It could be completely a new career path, or a new skill added to your resume.

Coachingis a fastemerging professions that is accepted by businesses and professionals around the world.

It is gaining demand and authenticity to hire a professional across Globe. Coaching is backed by science and philosophy which existed since centuries. It was studied and converted into a module 450 odd years ago.

However, the philosophy and science go as deep as ancient science of Vedas.

What Does A Writer’s Coach Do?

A Writer’s Coach Provides Aspiring Authors With A Framework And Support System To Write ‘Bestselling’ Books!

You help them to…[Framework]

1. Find Their Story

The storyline of their book is the foundation of their book’s success. Whether they are writing fiction or non fiction, storyline of the book is most critical.

2. Hold Them Accountable

They need to finish what they started. You hold them accountable to their timeline. Yes. They will face writer’s block but you will help you come out of it sooner than later.

3. Coach In Writing

You will ensure that they are on the right track, their writing is high quality and they are implementing the writing best practices to writer a high quality, “bestselling” material book. 

4. Monitoring Milestone

You will have ensure that they meet their writing goals based on the plan of book completion you created with them. We will teach you how to create a master writing plan. 

5. Marketing The Book

Writing a good book is not enough. The writers must have a social media presence that attracts followers, engages with them and keep them excited about the book. We will teach you how to create their marketing plan. 

6. Publishing The Book

We will teach you the complete process of book editing, book cover design and publishing the book on national and international platforms, so that you can offer the same service to your author clients. 

Impact of My Coaching Program

“Snehal is a brilliant Coach. Her wisdom and experience flow so effortlessly in her coaching. She shares with all her heart. As a person and as a coach, she is very warm, humble, and down-to-earth. She so walks her talks, really admirable. With all these qualities her being shines through her. Another admirable quality of hers is that she is very prompt in her response and gives more than you would expect.

Seema Valia

“When I discovered Snehal’s Right to Abundance Course, I had no idea how lucky I was. She’s patient and generous and lives the idea of ‘abundance’ that she teaches. Not only is she an amazing coach but an amazing teacher who brings information to life.”

Betsy Cook Speer

“I can’t say enough good things about Snehal. She is intuitive, keeps you accountable without being pushy, compassionate and the most important – gets results! As a client to Snehal’s, I highly recommend her. You will be amazed at the progress you make.”

Ros Kaspi

Testimonials From Other Programs

Meet Snehal – Your Mentor

Snehal is the Publisher & Founder of Mind Spirit Works Publishing, Abundance Strategist, 10X BestSelling Author, Writer’s Coach, Podcaster, & International Speaker.

After coaching hundreds of my clients to write and publish Bestselling books, I am now in the process of scaling up and giving away all my knowledge, tools, strategies, expertise that I have gained over the past many years into helping you become the coach that I was to my clients.

There is a big gap in the market, when it comes to coaching writers to write ‘Bestselling’ books and through this effort, I wish to fill that gap. 

As much as I want this to be a rewarding journey for you, I also want it to be a solid business idea for you, that allows you live a freedom lifesetyle, right from the comfort of your home, while making as much or more money that you made in your job. 

So, are you ready to become a Writer’s Coach?

You Can Establish Your Professional Career As A Writer’s Coach With Global Recognition And Create A 6 Figure Income.

Bonus Offerings

Life Coaching Templates

  • Wheel of Life Assessment
  • Top Values
  • Exploring Beliefs
  • SMART Goals
  • Personal SWOT Analysis
  • Internal Representational System Preference Test
  • Comfort Zones
  • Personal Feedback Assessment
  • Discovery Sessions (Business Coaching Toolkit)
  • Identify Your Ideal Client



Business Coaching Tools

  • Business Vision Statement
  • Business Mission Statement
  • Business SWOT Analysis
  • 5 Year Business Plan Template
  • Meeting Minutes Template



Advanced Coaching Models

  • Accountability
  • Fear of change
  • Fork in the road
  • How is ‘My’ Coaching
  • GROW
  • Getting to the heart of the matter
  • Pleasure and Pain



360 Feedback Assessment

  • Feedback – Pre Sales
  • Feedback – Kick off
  • Feedback – Self Assessment
  • Feedback – Manager And Team Member Assessment
  • Feedback – Results



Coaching Journal

Take notes and keep track of your client’s progress.